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Functioning in today's world can become overwhelming.  We see our lives spinning out of control and it appears that the ability to regain our compass is impaired. The good news is symptoms of behavior under stress, can be reversed by gaining personal insight and learning new coping skills. 

Therapy is an excellent way to work through issues and obtain new perspectives.  While it may not be easy to seek help from a counselor, it is hoped that through counseling you will achieve change in the following ways:  1) gain greater insight into your situation and feelings, 2) develop expanded conceptualizations of your life, relationships, circumstances, and the future, 3) move toward resolving your concerns, and 4) forge a life plan that promotes greater realization of your human potential, happiness, and success.  As your counselor, using my knowledge of human behavior and human change process, I will make observations about situations as well as suggestions for new ways to approach them.  It will be important for you to explore your own feelings and thoughts and to try new approaches in order for change to occur.

The focus of my practice is spent working with families, extended families, adults, and couples of all ages.  I can also assist you with building a strong marriage base through premarital and marriage counseling.